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Weekly Idol (Hangul: 주간 아이돌; RR: Jugan Aidol) is a South Korean variety show, which airs on MBC Every1, MBC’s cable and satellite network for comedy and variety shows. The show is hosted by comedian Jeong Hyeong-don and rapper Defconn. The set is often referred to as B3 (basement level 3).

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Episode List:

275 276 277 278


Genre Variety
Country of origin South Korea
Original language(s) Korean
Location(s) Seoul, South Korea
Original network MBC Every1
Original release July 23, 2011 – present


The show comprises of a few portions, one of which is called “Idol of the Week”, the primary section, highlights symbol assembles as the welcomed visitors. The primary symbol gathering to record a scene and show up in the portion was Infinite. This section normally comprises of a few highlighted corners:

“Arbitrary Play Dance” – The staff plays any tunes that had been advanced by the visitors. A melody ordinarily stops at an arbitrary indicate or changes another tune while the visitors must hit the dance floor with the best possible choreography for every tune. It can likewise be rearranged from a similar tune, or tunes from inverse sexual orientation (kid bunches moving to young lady amass melodies and the other way around).

“Profile Verification/Rewritten Profile” – The hosts (Hyeong-wear and Defconn) include the profile, data, realities, and gossipy tidbits about the visitor that are set up by the staff on a profile card. The symbols need to check, or even, deliberately demonstrate the data before the MCs. For instance: Sana (TWICE) must demonstrate she can do aegyo with a highlight (demonstrated as she as of now communicates in Japanese with a Kansai lingo, and she learnt Busan vernacular from chiefs and staff at JYP), while Tzuyu had her exceptional abilities (360-degree tongue turn, 360-degree back to front hands turn) totally deleted by Hani as she can duplicate both effectively, in any case, Defconn couldn’t negate that Tzuyu couldn’t altogether squirm her ears without her hands.[1]

“Win Against Idol” – The visitors play an amusement together with the hosts. On the off chance that the visitors can beat the hosts, the triumphant side will get the uncommon prize and the losing side (typically the hosts) will get the physical discipline from the champs.

“Barbecue Idol” – An uncommon corner where the visitors should accurately answer the inquiries from the hosts that show up on a board. Simply after the visitors get the question right, they can eat the barbecued bits of Hanwoo meat that are set up by the staff. BtoB’s Ilhoon as often as possible shows up as a unique visitor have for this corner since November 2012.

“DoniConi Idol Call Center” – An extraordinary call focus is set up for 1 week before the recording and the fans can by and by bring in and leave a message for the symbol which are later uncovered to the idol.

“99 Seconds Challenge” – The visitors need to succeed a specific mission amid the 99 seconds in a transfer. On the off chance that they flop, there is a discipline that the Idol composed before and everybody need to vote who’s will take the discipline.

“Twofold speed Dance Challenge” – Using every gathering’s most recent tunes, they should move to the melody in twofold speed, the best gathering wins a prize, while the most exceedingly awful gets awful comments, particularly from Defconn.

Amid these portions, the discussion is generally held without an excess of convention, giving a shot for the hosts to give a comical comment about the idols, or on the other hand, the symbols can playing around with the hosts’ absence of physical wellness, participating in a droll movement with the hosts.

Before “Idol of the Week” began, week after week symbol had stand out fragment that is “Genuine Chart! Idol Self-Ranking”, where symbols are requested that rank each other on various points and the outcomes are then displayed. After “Genuine Chart! Symbol Self-Ranking” finished there is new portion to supplant it that is “I Wonder If You Know”, where MCs and idols included in this fragment, Ilhoon (BtoB) and Bomi (Apink), figure one reply out of two decision given to them about idols with the triumphant group get nourishment as prize. Supplanting the past section is “Week by week Food Tasting” where MCs and included symbols, Hayoung (Apink), Mina (AOA), and N (VIXX), finish mission to win nourishments they need. The following new section is “Idol are the Best!” where Various missions are given to the 4 symbols who are highlighted in this fragment, Jackson (Got7), Jooheon (Monsta X), SinB (GFriend) and Dahyun (Twice), and the MCs.

A yearly year-shutting scene, “Weekly Idol Award”, held in the last scene of the year was begun from December 31, 2011. In this scene, the host typically surveys the sections and the appearances from the visitors that were highlighted in the previous year.



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