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There are many different diets that we hear about every day: the three-day apple diet or the three-day military diet and so on. They do seem to work as there are a large number of people who follow them religiously without any hesitation. However, the outcomes are usually short term. This is because the main objective of these diets is to almost remove food completely, so a person on the diet is bound to lose weight. It is difficult to adjust to such a system for the common man, so the diet is discontinued after the desired results are achieved and as a result, weight can potentially be gained again. Following are some tips that could ensure weight loss in the best way.

A balanced and healthy diet

Starving yourself will never be the answer if the aim is to lose weight in a healthy way. A diet must be balanced as all extremities lead to disaster. It should consist of fruits and vegetables (mainly fibers) along with proteins and a touch of carbohydrates. It is also advisable to stay with fibers for between-meal snacks as they give a filling feeling and allow easy digestion of carbohydrates.

Take care of portion sizes

When it comes to having carbohydrates or proteins (especially tinned or processed foods), you must check the labels for the number of calories they contain. According to that quantity, the size of your portion can be estimated. There are some packaged foods that also calculate the portion sizes beforehand.

Eating carefully

There have been many instances when it has been noticed that people do not concentrate on their food and have their attention diverted towards television, driving or some other external factor. This leads to eating in a greater quantity and not enjoying the food. Research has proven that the more observant you are about your food, the less likely you are to excessively eat.

Take care of emotional mood swings that might make you overeat

At times when people suffer from depression, loneliness or even boredom, they tend to eat more than required just because “they feel like it.” They are consuming the food that their body is not in need of. It is imperative to know when your stomach is really calling out to you rather than giving into your emotions. To know the difference between the two, “hunger” needs to be “measured.” This measurement process can be done using a rating system of one to ten. “One” represents extreme hunger and “ten” represents too full for another bite. Under normal circumstances, you should eat at a rating of three or four (hungry but manageable) and stop at a rating of seven or eight (comfortable). Eating at a rating of one could lead you to ten, which may cause discomfort.

These are just some weight loss tips that could prove to be very effective if followed efficiently and regularly. It should always be remembered that “diets” are temporary, but a balanced diet can do wonders.