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Seven First Kisses Episode 2

The new Korean web series 7 First Kisses premiere episode saw Min Soo Jin (Lee Cho Hee) getting introduced to a Goddess (Choi Ji Woo). She granted her wish to have a boyfriend, and the first episode wrapped up with Min Soo Jin getting a boyfriend. A business tycoon (Lee Joon Gi) asked Soo Jin out on a date.

The second episode begins with Min Soo Jin feeling uncomfortable about the date. They, however, spent a splendid time together. The final moments saw Lee Joon Gi all set to give Min Soo Jin her first kiss.

The preview of Episode 3 introduces Cheese in the Trap actor Park Hae Jin. From the preview, it appears that Soo Jin is soon going to get kissed once more.

Here is what happened in 7 First Kisses Episode 2:


Min Soo Jin initially does not believe that Lee Joon Gi, a business tycoon, wants to take her out on a date. It is only when she finds him waiting for her on the street, she believes it is true.

Lee Joon Gi drives Soo Ji in a red color sports car. They reach his countryside lavish villa which has a big swimming pool. They both have a romantic dinner. Throughout the dinner, Soo Jin stares at Lee Joon Gi’s face.


After the dinner, Lee Joon Gi takes Soo Jin to the poolside to celebrate her 25th birthday. They both get comfortable on a couch and he starts a display screen which shows all the childhood images of them.

As they are watching the images on a wide screen, Soo Jin learns from Lee Joon Gi that he was her neighbor. She is told that he always admired her.

At the end of their date, Lee Joon Gi confesses his love to Min Soo Jin and leans forward to kiss her. But they do not kiss as Soo Jin discovers that it was her dream. The entire world almost comes to a halt for her.

Her co-workers wake her up from day dreaming and remind her to vote for their new manager by giving a mobile in her hand. When she looks at her desk she notices that the first magical card is embedded with Lee Joon Gi’s picture and name.

Later, she realizes that she has to vote for her new manager. To her surprise, the new manager suddenly appears and he is none other than famous actor Park Hae Jin.


The preview of the next Episode 3 of 7 First Kisses reveals the upcoming chemistry between Soo Jin and Park Hae Jin. Perhaps, he asks Soo Jin to help him out with his work. Is she about to get her second kiss? At the end of the preview, one can also see that Soo Jin is caught in major danger.

7 First Kisses airs every Monday and Thursday.

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