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Seven First Kisses Episode 1

The highly anticipated web drama by Lotte Duty Free, “First Kiss For The Seventh Time” made its debut online yesterday and it was everything fans expected it to be – swoon-worthy. Check out the recap below.

“First Kiss For The Seventh Time”: Min Soo Jin, The ‘No Boyfriend Since Birth’ Lady

In its pilot episode, fans get to see Lee Cho Hee’s character, Min Soo Jin, and her struggles of being a no boyfriend since birth lady. The scene starts with Lee Cho Hee’s busy day at the Lotte Duty Free shop. Amidst the busy shopping center, Lee Cho Hee can be seen standing behind the customer service counter, contemplating her lively and busy surroundings.

The day was extra gloomy for her since it’s her 25th┬ábirthday and no one seems to remember. So when her phone received three new messages, her hope was ignited – but only to disappoint her. It turns out, all three messages were just Lotte Duty Free text advertisement.

“First Kiss For The Seventh Time”: Choi Ji Woo Grants Lee Cho Hee’s Wish In Ten Seconds

Just when things started to feel really depressing for Lee Cho Hee, a stunning Choi Ji Woo came up to her and asked for direction. Apparently, she was looking for a jewelry store. Lee Cho Hee politely pointed her towards the right direction. As soon as Choi Ji Woo walks away, Lee Cho Hee noticed that she left her empty cup of coffee and what seems like a passport.

Lee Cho Hee immediately ran after her to return the passport. Unfortunately, she was nowhere to be found. And so, she returned to her station. Feeling worried, she started looking at the supposed passport. Suddenly, it changed into a mysterious booklet with Choi Ji Woo’s photo inside. The picture indicates that Choi Ji Woo is an “Angel Of Love” tasked to govern South Korea.

Luckily, Choi Ji Woo returned and asked for her passport. Although confused, Lee Cho Hee handed her the mysterious booklet. The angel of love thanked her for her good deed and asked how she could repay her. Being the kind person that she is, Lee Cho Hee refused, saying it was part of her job. Choi Ji Woo insisted that she wanted to pay her back and asked if she has a wish. Eventually, she was convinced and thought about her wish for a while. Before she can even say a word, Choi Ji Woo revealed what is exactly in her mind – to have a boyfriend and get her very first kiss.

Choi Ji Woo then pointed at the table. Out of nowhere, seven mysterious cards appeared on top of Lee Cho Hee’s table. Choi Ji Woo then revealed that she will meet a great guy in 10 seconds. As soon as those words came out of her mouth, the world turned into a slow motion. Lee Cho Hee started looking at her surrounding, anticipating what the angel of love said.

“First Kiss For The Seventh Time”: Lee Joon Gi Sweeps Everyone Off Their Feet

At exactly 10 seconds, Lee Joon Gi came walking up to Lee Cho Hee’s station. The swoon-worthy heartthrob sweeps everyone off their feet. Everyone was mesmerized by his presence. Lee Joon Gi then thoughtfully talked to Lee Cho Hee, saying, “I heard you’re getting off work soon. I’ll wait for you outside.” Lee Cho Hee could not believe her ears. Could he be the one Choi Ji Woo was talking about? Find out in the next episode of “First Kiss For The Seventh Time.” For now, check out episode 1 below.

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